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Instructions and Help about Free Forms Online Purchase Request 0

Hi there in today's video i want to show you how to use chico's purchase order management workflow template in google sheets it's ideal for small businesses stores and manufacturers or anyone looking for a simple way to record suppliers receive purchase requests from colleagues monitor deliveries and simply automate purchase order management in their company unlike a standard spreadsheet template the chico purchase order workflow consists of three separate but connected google sheets files and data flows between them via chico connections these chico connections let you automate and transfer data between separate files this means that you can create your own purchase order system without any specialist software so just using spreadsheets a spreadsheet based system is very scalable if you manage other parts of your business in spreadsheets such as inventory for example you can simply connect these to your workflow to create an integrated data procurement system across your entire company and of course we all know if you have a lot of people working the same spreadsheet it can become very large and slow plus there's a higher chance of mistakes in the spreadsheet a workflow with separate files is lighter to process and it gives you more data accuracy and privacy since every colleague every person is working in their separate spreadsheets now how does it work so the sheco purchase order workflow contains three google sheets files firstly there's a purchase order management master sheet this is where the manager will fill in their list of approved suppliers and this list of suppliers is then automatically transferred to the two other spreadsheets in this template these spreadsheets are for submitting order requests you can share these files with individuals or entire teams or departments and make as many copies as you need then when someone in the company wants an item to be purchased they simply request it via their personal order request spreadsheets these orders then automatically flow back into the manager's master sheet where he or she can decide whether or not to buy the item and of course send the order to the right supplier when the office or warehouse team then receives the deliveries they simply register these also in the master sheet as a result the manager gets an automated overview of all purchase orders and also the goods delivered to your company in an automated dashboard this way the entire company ordering system is centralized in one automated master sheet so there's no need for calls back and forth or emails whatsoever okay now let's take a look at how to set up the system to install the purchase order template simply click on the link in the video description below it will take you to this chico web app screen where you can log in using your google account so let's do so there we go we're now at the screen where you can download and install the purchase order management workflow template do ...